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Companies Committing to Pollinators

Xerces has partnered with food companies to create 1,939 acres of pollinator habitat and plant over 6.5 miles of hedgerows to support pollinators and add resilient biodiversity back into agricultural landscapes. Click on the map to see examples of the work being done across the US.



Food Brands and Manufacturers

Your suppliers and the ingredients or raw materials they produce provide an incredible opportunity to help incentivize pollinator conservation at a large scale. We work with leading brands to help them collaboratively work with suppliers to restore habitat such as flowering hedgerows or wildflower field borders on farms and processing facilities. For inquiries about how Xerces can support your company’s pollinator conservation goals, please contact Eric Lee-Mäder or Denise Ledgerwood.



Are you a grower in the General Mills supply chain interested in pollinator habitat work? Please fill out the information below and we will get in touch with recommendations.