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Corporate Partners

Bombus Affinis - photo by Sarina Jepsen
(Photo: Preston Keres / Flickr Creative Commons)

These businesses are helping the Xerces Society achieve positive, on-the-ground impacts for invertebrates. Thank you for helping us protect the life that sustains us! 

If you are interested in business giving or other partnership opportunities, please contact us or visit our Business Partnerships page.

Partnership Highlights

skipper on purple flower
Big Dipper Wax Works is a Seattle-based company, selling candles and self-care products, backed by a commitment to sustainability and giving back in a way that will ensure healthy ecosystems for years to come. They have supported Xerces for over five years and are passionate about contributing to pollinator conservation and their local community. They know that flow-rich habitats, free from pesticides, sustain healthy honey bee hives they rely on for wax, as well as native pollinators that support our ecosystems.
Chantecaille is a plant-powered skincare and color cosmetics company, devoted to protecting wild spaces and species around the world. They have been family-owned and operated for more than 20 years and have supported Xerces since 2014. In 2021, they made a large investment in our Pollinator and Monarch Habitat Kits in California’s Central Valley—supporting a project that will restore at least 40 acres of climate-resilient habitat in a valley that supplies a quarter of the nation’s food. President and Co-Founder Sylvie Chantecaille reflected, “With the recent fires and pressure on the food system during the pandemic, restoring pollinator habitat in California’s Central Valley is a timely project. We are excited to be part of creating a healthy environment for pollinators to survive and thrive in by partnering with the Xerces Society.” We are so grateful for their ongoing support.
farm habitat
Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana; Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) was founded in 1993 by an Oregon entrepreneur who had two passions—crafting premium chocolate and conservation. Since 2016, ESC has donated over $2.6 million to its Give Back Partners who focus on wildlife conservation. Xerces has been honored to be one of those partners, and ESC has not only supported us financially, but also as an advocate for conserving endangered species, including featuring the rusty-patched bumble bee on one of their bars and helping us get the word out about the threats fireflies face by featuring our program on their #MidfulMondays social media campaign. Their partnership has been truly transformative.

Proud Supporters