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Corporate Supporters

A bright yellow sunflower is visited by a bumble bee on the left, and a big swallowtail butterfly (with yellow, black, and blue markings on its wings) on the right.
(Photo: Preston Keres / Flickr Creative Commons)

These businesses are helping the Xerces Society achieve positive, on-the-ground impacts for invertebrates. Thank you for helping us protect the life that sustains us! 


Partnership Highlights

Justin’s: Justin’s Nut Butter has generously supported Xerces’ pollinator program since 2013, but their efforts go well beyond monetary support. They have an expansive initiative called “Nuts for Bees”, which promotes educating the public on the importance of pollinators to our diet— since the vast majority of their ingredients are pollinator-dependent, including almonds, honey, cashews, and chocolate. The campaign works with non-profit partners at the national, state, and local level. At the start of our partnership, alongside Justin’s,  Xerces hosted a workshop and provided  follow-up technical assistance to inspire people to plant pollinator habitat in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado.  As our partnership has evolved, Justin’s  teamed up with Xerces to support our nation-wide program to protect pollinators. We are so grateful for their support and their leadership on pollinator conservation!



BeeStill: Joan Fox is a photographer who created the company, BeeStill, to sell her images to inspire love for bees and other pollinators, and support organizations that work to conserve these small, vital beings.  When asked to describe her motivation to partner with Xerces, Joan said that “[since] I have admired and followed the work of the Xerces Society for years, I am very grateful, honored, and happy to be accepted as a regular donor. Through photography, I aim to give presence and voice to the unheard, but not voiceless, small beings of our world, the invertebrates for whom the Xerces Society advocates.”  We’re so happy to have Joan’s support. 


Häagen-Dazs: Over the past decade, Häagen-Dazs has established itself at the forefront of pollinator conservation among the food sector through their support of Xerces and dedication to improving their supply chain for pollinators. At the start of 2020, they reached a major milestone with the launch of four Bee Better Certified™ products. The certification, launched by Xerces, is awarded to farms that meet the rigorous standards for bee protection. For Haägen-Dazs, achieving Bee Better Certified™ status meant working with their largest almond supplier in California to plant over six miles of flowering native shrub hedgerows and wildflower strips, as well as working to minimize pesticide impacts on pollinators. This accomplishment places Haägen-Dazs in an elite category of other companies, including California Giant Blueberries, Klickitat Canyon Wines, and others who are using certified ingredients in their products.


The Xerces Society's Business Supporters







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If you are interested in business giving or other partnership opportunities, please contact us or visit our Business Partnerships page.