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Essays on Invertebrate Conservation

This issue of Wings sheds light on two very different and largely understudied groups of invertebrates. The first article looks at the impacts of oil spills on marine species. The other two essays focus on arachnids; one introduces us to a citizen-science project studying spiders in Colorado, and one to the fascinating order of camel spiders.

The Changing Landscape of Conservation, by Scott Hoffman Black

Oil Spills and Marine Invertebrates, by Scott Hoffman Black, Michele Blackburn, Celeste Mazzacano, and Candace Fallon

The Colorado Spider Survey, by Paula E. Cushing

Hairy, Scary Haarskeeders, by Paula E. Cushing, Jack O. Brookhart, and Jen Roswell

Conservation Spotlight: Dr. Karen Oberhauser

Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research

Staff Profile: Meet Matthew Shepherd

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