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climate change


To mitigate the impacts of climate change we need to increase the amount of high-quality and resilient habitat everywhere. Natural areas are the glue that holds all other habitat together, but for insects even small patches in connected networks within agricultural, suburban, urban, and other landscapes can be beneficial. Whether you are a gardener, a farmer, or the manager of a park or nature reserve, you can take action to protect and restore habitat.


Insects are resilient, and improving the amount and quality of habitat for these small animals is often relatively easy compared to doing so for large or more-wide-ranging species. Moreover, by providing patches of intact habitat we are strengthening the base of food webs in ways that will help support vertebrate species as they are coping with climate change.


In the blog posts listed here, you can find the latest research, descriptions of Xerces Society projects focused on documenting climate change impacts and creating climate resilient habitat, and ways you can help. Thank you for doing your part!